Chris Johnstone

Would it surprise you if I said that I never dreamed of becoming a photographer? It wasn't the process, the art or even the gadgetry that drew me in. It was nature – plain and simple.

It seems that I've always been in search of a closer connection to nature. I volunteered as a zoo keeper in my teens; I've trained birds of prey, tracked wolves in the Polish Carpathians, studied the foraging habits of harbour seals and achieved a degree in Behavioural Biology. I've been lucky enough to witness some wondrous moments in nature and have come to realise that these are only a tiny portion of what the natural world has to offer.

Most of nature's moments are so fleeting, they're rarely, if ever, seen (nor should they be). For me, even a brief encounter with nature evokes a unique feeling worth sharing and that's how I ended up with a camera in my hand - seeking to describe indescribable moments in an image.

Portrait of Chris Johnstone
Chris and Moss the Cocker Spaniel
Chris on the Kahiltna Glacier
Chris photographing the Kahiltna Glacier from a plane